Content is King Kong.

One face to the Customer: Our MallCockpit.

Our retail software: MallCockpit is a content management system specially developed for shopping centers that makes it easy to operate all digital marketing channels. By centrally controlling all channels via one system, we guarantee that you can keep your customers up to date on all important center information at any time and from anywhere, in the center and on the web, at home and on the move.

The dashboard for your digital center channels

Targeted and up-to-date communication for your customers.


Content is entered only once, checked and automatically played back in the correct format for all media.

Up to date

By centrally entering all content for all media into one system, your channels are always up-to-date.


With MallCockpit, you can address customers wherever they are. At home, on the road or in the center.

The MallCockpit Software Suite

Our software for shopping centers. All applications for the communication of information, offers and news from one system.

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The most complete and best software for shopping centers in Germany.


From customer to friend of your center.

Those responsible for communication in shopping centers, the press and marketing specialists are confronted every day with an unmanageable amount of data that must be processed, published and subsequently evaluated for numerous channels. 
Our MallCockpit combines the processing of all customer data: Social media data, center events, tenant news, job offers, external advertising partners, campaign motifs, image motifs, videos, legal information, search engine optimization, raffles, mailing campaigns, product databases, dates, etc. üvia channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, website, mobile site, Google Business, digital routing, product databases, bonus and loyalty programs, newsletters, car navigation devices, multimedia displays, apps, W-Lan landing pages and more.