Our interactive wayfinding is the combination of touchable screens in your center with digitally and interactively prepared center maps.

Finding instead of searching

Interactive wayfinding

Every store, every service offer can be selected by your customers at the monitor. All monitor locations, stores, info, news, offers and services are linked in our database.
When a customer selects a store, he is shown the route from his location to it by an animated line. Of course, we take into account any necessary floor changes via escalators or elevators. And of course there is the option of displaying a barrier-free route.

By selecting a store by touching the corresponding store area in the center map, the consumer receives all relevant information. This includes the opening hours, the industry or highlight products as well as a brief description of the store. In addition, further information such as photos, videos, address and contact persons can be stored for each store. In addition, daily offers or promotions are displayed, which customers can transfer to their smartphones via a QR code and redeem when shopping in the store.

Interactive product search

Intuitive, fast and targeted: Our interactive product search helps your customers find the item they're looking for and the store that matches it.
One is looking for children's clothing, the other for a briefcase - our article database knows the answer in every case. We store up to 150 relevant search terms and products for each store in your center. When a product is searched for, we filter the results and show customers all relevant stores and the matching current offers.