MallCockpit Communicator is a web app that significantly facilitates and improves communication between tenants and center management. It has the following functions:

App for center tenant communication


By means of a push notification, defined user groups will be informed about an alarm event. Different forms of an alarm can be preconfigured so that they can be triggered as quickly as possible.

Sales report

The stores report their gross and net sales using a form. An automated, time-controlled push notification reminds the stores to report their sales. The sales are assigned to the stores in a database. The app automatically reminds stores that have not yet submitted a report after a specified period of time.

Content delivery

Center employees can upload content such as photos, videos and texts for the center's digital channels and thus make them available. The content is stored in a database and is available to online editors.

Tenant handbook

All documents of the tenant handbook are kept in the app and can be viewed there.