Brand Activism

Brand Activism

Brand Activism - refers to the public presentation of companies that take a clear stance on political and social issues.

Authenticity is an important factor when it comes to deciding which brand or company customers will choose, especially in the current climate in which we are inundated with suppliers from all sectors, both online and offline.

Not having an opinion is often worse for a company's reputation than being on the supposedly wrong side.

Therefore, the motto is: Take a stand! But how?

Brand Activism for Shopping Centers

The first thing to note is: If you take a stance and take a clear position on a topic, there is always a risk of losing customers who disagree with you. However, the bond with the customers who stay develops much more intensively. A relationship of trust develops, and customers are more loyal and interactive. This means they are also more willing to participate in surveys, write reviews, interact on social media, or sign up for customer accounts and newsletters, for example.

There is also the danger that too much, too superficial commitment to several topics will be perceived by customers as a pure marketing strategy, which then appears untrustworthy.

It is therefore important to look for a topic that fits in with the corporate philosophy and to position oneself clearly here. This doesn't just mean talking about it and perhaps organizing a fundraising campaign. Employees must stand behind the company's philosophy. Training courses and workshops offer them the opportunity to learn more about the chosen topic. Transparency must be created: For example, if you tout your company as climate-friendly, it's not enough to color the logo green. Disclose your carbon footprint, describe the measures you have implemented and be consistent. Even if this means cutting ties with a supplier, for example.


Our "Better Together" initiative is a brand activism campaign against racism. It consists of several building blocks with which shopping centers can earn a justified award for being a discrimination-free shopping center.
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