„Alles muss sich ändern. Und zwar heute.“ <br> Ihre klimapositive Webseite

"Everything has to change. And it has to be today."
Your climate positive website

Let us help you make your website greener! Sustainability is important to you, you pay attention to your CO2 balance and do without plastic, but your website is located on an old, power-guzzling server that is certainly not powered by green electricity? You want to change that? Then switch to SawatzkiMühlenbruch now!

Climate positive servers

From now on we host our pages on climate positive servers from RAIDBOXES. The data centers are guaranteed to run exclusively on green electricity from hydropower. In addition, for each green hosted site through a cooperation with Eden Reforestation Projects a tree is planted. Thus, hosting is not only climate-neutral, but even climate-positive and demonstrably combats CO2 emissions.

In addition to reforestation, with our new servers we support the initiative Get Mads, which invests in climate-positive projects in developing countries in order to promote social and economic growth in these countries.

The SawatzkiMühlenbruch Climate Offensive

In our agency we have been working green since last year (we reported). Now we are extending our climate offensive to include cooperation with our service providers.

Benefit from the green hosting

With infrastructure optimized specifically for WordPress, sites hosted on the new servers run faster, more securely, and more reliably than before, without you having to pay for additional optimization measures.

Move today!

Are you currently still using another hosting provider? We will be happy to advise you, make you an offer and reliably take care of the relocation of your website. Just give us a call or send us an email. Hier finden Sie unsere Kontaktinformationen.