Data generation

From anonymous customer to friend of your center.

Through all connected channels, the MallCockpit offers us the possibility to analyze your customers and their behavior in a targeted manner. Links between online and offline activities give us the opportunity to know at any time who visits your center, why they come to the center, how and how often they travel, which shops and service providers interest them most and how they like their shopping experience.

For this purpose, we use data from social networks, user statistics from websites and wayfinding steles and feedback tools specially developed for your center, which are placed in the center and on the web.

Furthermore, we can track exactly who is moving when, how long and where in your center using transaction data from telecommunications providers.

What advantages do you have from this?

  • Targeted placement of advertising for the appropriate target groups
  • Push notifications at selected locations in the center
  • Advertising media in the center, adapted to the Customer Journey
  • User-oriented bonus and loyalty programs
  • Data collection for mailings and newsletter
  • Digital content, adapted to your real customers
  • Comparison of web user and customer data for the development of customer-oriented campaigns

We compile the existing data, analyse it and advise you on possible measures, optimisations and strategies.

By addressing customers in a targeted manner, you can increase your advertising value for external partners and create closer customer loyalty, as you only show the customer selected content tailored to their needs. In this way we ensure more frequency in your center.