Customer loyalty

The digital world offers you a variety of interactive possibilities to bind consumers to your center.

On your social media channels

We give your social media pages their own face and bind the fans to your shopping center. Our daily, continuous and planned editorial work activates fans, generates feedback and encourages them to share content with friends.
Relationships are a long-term investment. Building them requires patience, especially in the social media channels. We use all technical and communicative possibilities to establish your shopping center with the community. We engage in intensive ad and campaign management, monitor the defined goals and measure the success of your campaign.

With your Loyalty Club

The interaction of the various media channels is crucial for the success of your loyalty club. We have developed solutions that are fun for customers and encourage interaction. In combination with app and digital signage systems, we work with you to develop ideas and applications that offer your customers attractive added value and give you a precise profile of your consumers.
We turn consumers into friends.

With your app

Your Center App with integrated Loyalty Club offers you valuable added value in communicating with your customers. Learn all about their individual interests and shopping habits. Use this data for customer retention and individual approach via push, newsletter and e-mail marketing. Communicate with your customers wherever they are.